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Test post with Quamana

So I try to get some offline tool to use my travel time (daily about 2-3 hours) to get my blog running.

This is Quamana currently. I think I give this free tool a try before I get some commercial. Naturally I’ll try out some products with a price-tag and free trial. If one seems to be a better fit I’ll invest right away and leave the freeware.

So this is a test post. I guess there will be no hope to add source code snippets from this tool. So try it:

package biz.hahamo.dev.offlie;

public class OfflineEditing {
    public static void main(String... args) {
        System.out.println("Hello offline World!");

One thing what’s annoying: I write to HaHaMo Group, I set up Quamana accordingly but I see under “Your Blogs” GHajba’s Blog (or if I want to be correct I see GHajba’s Blog — so the ‘ is not recovered from the encoding). Bad-bad design…

I do not know what I could write now. No more interesting in this topic. But as I see, Quamana has some less features as the WP online editor. For example the distraction free mode where you can focus on the article itself.

This section is for a trackback on one previous post. Or it should have been but you cannot choose one of your previous posts to link in. This is not a good point for Quamana.

Tagging. I added some tags but they appeared right where I was with my cursor. So I had to move them to the end — but they seem to stay as text.

The more-tag seems awkward too in the WYSIWYG editor. You insert the tag in the sources as a comment but you get an extra blank line in the paragraph.

Another test is the scheduling. I added tomorrow as publishing date. What happens, if I publish the article after finished?

One annoying fact or two: I switch applications (Quamana -> Safari -> Quamana) and this app pops the main page up not the actual post I’m writing. So I click on this window. The cursor is moving but I cannot type until I click into this box. Annoying.

If I open the post which is currently open in another window it reopens. I think it should remain open in only one window and just that window should get focus.

Now I’m thinking about what things I do use in WP to try out here. No other options now, so I’ll post this. And then write some review at the end of this article from the web based editor.

Another thought came up in my mind: I could write an own offline editing tool which has all the functionality I need to have my articles done. Another thought was to write my offline posts as XML files (because WordPress has an XML-RPC interface for offline / remote blog writing).

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So this is the end of the original post. I hit publish now…

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