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Test post with Ecto

After a look at Quamana editor I’ll take a look at a commercial with some trial days for creating and editing articles offline for my blog.

Today my review takes Ecto.

As started last time I’ll look for a usable offline blog editor to use my time spent with traveling to and back from work to reach my goal and finish the Variations project.

Now with Ecto I’ll look at the same criteria as done with Quamana to see which is better.

OK, first of all let’s have the same source code inserted:

package biz.hahamo.dev.offline;public class OfflineEditing {
    public static void main(String... args) {
        System.out.println("Hello offline World!");

Bad point: after returning from the HTML editor back to the WYSIWYG you loose any spaces inserted between pre formatted tags. Another big disappointment: where are the styling helpers? Every new line gets a paragraph and I do not see any solution to get a header or pre formatted text.

If I switch to the accounts window I saw “HaHaMo Group” because after the set-up I had to add manually the title to the account. Well, this is not a big problem because it is a one time configuration as is the System selection.

Trackbacking is not out-of-the-box possible: I cannot select a piece of text and link it to a previous article. It works with copying the URL from the list of posts — but Quamana could do this too.

Tags: I’ve added some, they do not appear in this post so I hope they will appear at the right place after publishing.

Adding a “more” tag: don’t know. I can create a summary — however I think this won’t be the perfect solution to adding a break into the text. Here I’ll wait ‘till publishing and add the HTML “more” tag tomorrow. However adding the HTML-tag in the HTML editor does not effect the layout in the WYSIWYG.

Scheduling should work.

Switching applications work. I get focus, I can tip and this is good.

Opening this post from another window while leaving the editing window open — and I get the focus back in this window, no reopening in another one.

After finishing the points from the previous post I’ve seen the “Word Count” option. It is not updated live as in the web based editor of WordPress but you can click it and you get a little statistics about paragraphs, lines, characters, words and all characters. Nice one.

End of this post edited offline. I’ll publish now and finish the review after.


Now it is the review of the review. Scheduling works here too, I have time to update the content until tomorrow morning.

Alignment is OK, the source code is good — however I’ve got some quote problems somehow.

Tags are there, no need to add them manually after publishing.

The “more” tag is missing I guess, because the summary does not indicate an automatic more tag. I’ll add it tomorrow evening — first from Ecto as HTML and if it does not work than from the web editor. Update: I gave up. Hopefully you did not get any mails after all the updates. So because of the source code I get always a merge conflict because of the quote symbols. So the test is not fully comparable. I’ve added the “more” tag manually.

Uuuh. Ecto is almost as old as Quamana. My mac tells me that this version is from 2010. The homepage has a copyright notice ’till 2008. I guess if I purchase a tool for offline editing it won’t be Ecto. If I have to use an old tool than I’ll choose Quamana because it is free. No updates no reason to pay money.

So I suggest you not to pay for Ecto editor. Use Quamana — it is as old, has almost the same features but it is free.

Next time I’ll look at MarsEdit. Another commercial tool but it has a free trial too. Stay tuned.

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