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Gittip for long-time crowd funding

Gittip is a crowd funding site where you can send weekly cash to people.


And why is this good? You can support someone you are inspired by or love what he/she is doing in his/her free time. For example someone is working on an API/App which you love and could not do your daily life/work without it. And this API/App is totally free but you would like to thank the creator. You can do this with Gittip. Another example are blogs and their authors. You can thank them for providing valuable information on topics you are interested in. Or you can support organisations on Gittip.

The range of options is very wide.

Weekly gifts

As mentioned, the gifts (amount you are ready to give) is weekly. So it is not a one-time donation (as you could do with Paypal for example). As the homepage states: Gittip’s intention is to create a basis of people who are dependent on the weekly money received through Gittip. And this is a good idea — you can so have a basis of funders who appreciate your work (as an employer) and you can do what you like.

The whole terms, conditions and co can be read at the homepage. You have to set up a credit card to start supporting.

Receiving your money

The balance re-calculation is done every Thursday. After this you can access your money you got from supporters.

Currently only US bank accounts are supported — so I could not withdraw my earnings easily to a bank account.

I hope that they at Gittip are working on other payout options (as they state at the homepage).

Yes, they already have other options (Paypal and Bitcoin) but they are not automated: you have to request the payment via sending an email. The charged fees are the usual fees for the transactions. So Gittip isn’t making money from transferring it from their account to yours.

Me at Gittip

Of course I joined this site too. I’m working currently on a credit card to send gifts to other people (somehow the system won’t accept it…) — and naturally on my profile to receive gifts. As a long-term goal I’d like to participate and contribute to Gittip, showing that people can work together: small amounts spent from many people can help someone to pay his/her bills and do what he/she likes and other people benefit from.

My current goal is to receive some weekly money to reduce my working hour amount (to 30-32 hours which are 4 days a week) so I can have a whole day on writing my blog, getting further with my Variations project and learning new things (to blog about). And this goal is reachable: I only need 600 people willing to spend ¢25 (yes just twenty-five cents) every week which is around one tenth of a Starbucks coffee.

A long-term plan is to collect as much on weekly gifts to quit work and do my projects full-time at home, that’s around $400 a week.

Currently the Gittip widgets are JavaScript based. This means, a simple WordPress.com site (as this blog is) cannot embed and use it because of security reasons (JS scripts killed MySpace and some other sites).

However if you’d like to support me, visit my Gittip profile and provide me with some spare money (some cents are as good as some dollars).

You at Gittip

Naturally this is not only about me. You can join the site too. There is no referral but I can benefit from your sign-up too: you can become one to support other people who than support me. This is the result of a big long-term supporting chain.

What you need to join: currently you can sign in with existing accounts such as Twitter, GitHub, BitBucket and OpenStreetMap. You only have to grant access to your account and you can use Gittip.

Join now for a better, united future!

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