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Test post with e-mail

So, another offline editing tool I try: email.
And to be honest: Quamana is not as good as it seemed: I have a couple of draft posts available however it loads only until the “more” tag — so it is unusable.

As I go along in offline mode I struggle. With Mac you only have commercial applications to use. OK, you can say: “If you have a Mac you have another 35 dollars to spend for MarsEdit.” Well, this is OK but I’m a fan of free software…
As you can guess for now I try MarsEdit beside this email thing. It seems more OK than Quamana or Ecto because it accesses all your draft posts — with everything you’ve written along the way. And if I have too much work to do I’ll stay with that tool. But I will summarize my experiences in a separate MarsEdit post.

For the emails now: it is quite convenient to use emails for posting. However here I do not see any possibilities to have source code included in the post. For formatting it has less option. I would say that using emails is a way to have quick posts created and send after you get to some internet connection. Formatting can be done later. Images can be included, heading seem currently impossible in this client. Alternatively I could format headings to my custom style with available tools but it would look like a piece of pain among my other, better formatted articles.

So for now this was the test post with an email. Next time I’ll write my conclusions about MarsEdit. Stay tuned.

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