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No domain name

Since some weeks my domain name hahamo.biz is expired. This is a bit annoying because all links to this blog are through that domain. Today I’ll complain by my provider who billed me already but perhaps too late. This is a no-go in my eyes.

However this has some advantages too: since my blog is not available through my primary URL I get less spam comments and less visitors from search engines.

So sometimes it is a problem to have a good domain name. Now I find it not bad. It is always a pain in the neck to filter out 200 spam messages (which are always 100% spam) if I leave for a week holiday. Fortunately WordPress has a good spam filter, so it all lands in the spam folder.

And now I have changed my comment policy a bit: I only allow registered users to leave comments. This could be some overhead but it is nothing overwhelming. If you are serious to comment on my post, then a registration is not a big thing.

Nevertheless the domain name loss is a little problem. I’m currently about to redesign the whole blog to match my company. About this in a later post.

The provider

I initiated a new incident ticket at my domain name provider — on the 22nd October. No response until today. Parallel I’ve paid the bill to be on the safer side, however there is no response either. For this the next year I’ll quit the provider, discard the domain name and make my own way.

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