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Because Gratipay is not always an option (long-time funding and the amount should be transferred each week) I thought about an alternative solution for individual readers to eventually support me.

So I joined LeanPub and created some books. So you can go and buy one of my books here.

The books are not expensive and they get updates too. And beside the price they contain valuable information on various topics. And because with my books I support LeanPub too (they get 10% + 50 cents from each sale) those books contain a bit more information than my blog posts here.

But do not worry: I won’t stop writing my articles here, because this is a bit more faster way to share knowledge and it is free. With the books I group some articles together, rewrite them and add extra content if I find something interesting on the way of publishing.

Currently (as for the time writing this post) I’m preparing two books: one is in English and has the topic of XML and HTML scraping in Java (with XMLBeam and JSoup), with some additional content to my blog posts (performance measurement on more machines, better measuring, using the features of Java 8). The second book is Hungarian and there I write about CDI 1.1 with JBoss Weld (in EE and SE environments). I know this has not much value for English readers however for supporting me is very good. And the applications will be in English because of LeanPub source code formatting. And eventually I’ll translate the book to English later too.

Where to buy?

You can buy my books here.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Happy reading.

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