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Flattr — another way to support creators

I have written about Gratipay, a supporting platform for creators with a flavour of long-time crowd-funding.

Today let me introduce Flattr, which is almost the same as Gratipay: you can support creators (developers, musicians, other artists) you like out of your monthly budget. So this is a bit a way around than Gratipay.

So Flattr is another funding site. So what?

This is quite clear. Flattr is a funding side but here you set your monthly budget and this is divided among your flattr’d contents. So here you can support as many creators as you like. This sounds a bit better than Gratipay where you support the creator with a weekly amount — so you have to watch to have the funds on your bank account.

Let’s explain the idea with an example:

You set your monthly budget for $10 and you flattr 20 creators in a month. Then at the end of the month your budget is divided among the 20 creators and each gets 50 cents.

And this was the deal. Nothing more (so you do not have to look after your weekly or monthly budget) and the creator gets a micropayment to provide more and better content for you.

How can you flattr?

This is easy. Mostly there is a Flattr button on the site where the creator is able to receive micro donations (for an example look at the end of my articles). Other times (like on Twitter or GitHub) you have to like or star the activity / repository / post of the creator to flattr it. So if you want to support me, sign up to flattr and star one of my GitHub repositories (eventually where you want more or better content) or one of my Twitter messages. And eventually you can mail to tell me what you’d like to see in the blog, in the GitHub repo.

Me at Flattr

Of course, I have signed up to Flattr, so you can support me if you like here. Or as I mentioned, you can donate me some cents through Twitter or GitHub too.

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