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Wizpert — a real-time StackOverflow with other extensions

If you have a problem with programming, you’ll find answers if you search on the internet on StackOverflow. If you do not find the answers, you ask your question and hope that someone answers.

A new platform, Wizpert offers you to chat with on-line experts about your problems.

StackOverflow is (or other StackExchange sites are) an asynchronous Q&A (Questions & Answers) site, where you deposit your question and (if you are lucky) you get an answer. Some time later.

Wizpert works a bit different. It can happen, that you do not get your question answered. Sometimes the on-line experts do not know the particular area of programming, so it can happen, that you do not get your answer.

But — and this is the main point — you can chat with somebody about your question directly. And if you are lucky enough, some experts have enough time and experience and knowledge to answer your question.

The chat has a nice code-sharing part too where you can on-the-fly edit code: to make an example or get your small piece corrected.

Is it real?

Yes, it is real, you can ask an expert. However there is a little catch: you have to pay a bit. This is how you appreciate the experts time. The in-application currency is the “coin”. There are many problems which vary in their cost: depends on the problem and on the expert.

You can buy coins right the way. 50 coins for $2, 600 for $20, 2400 for $75. As you can see more coins cost less.

How much?

This is a question which cannot be answered. It depends on your question and on the wizpert answering.

Which topics in programming?

There are some programming languages (C++, Python, Java, Ruby and so on), databases and system administration topics. So if you are stuck a bit and you need fast advice, try out Wizpert.

Only programming?

Of course not. There are real-life topics too. Such as Wellness, Learning, Life, Business and so on. Each topic has one or more sub-topics to get more specialized wizperts to chat with.

So if you have a relationship problem, there is definitely a wizpert available to talk with about your agony.

 Me at Wizpert

And of course I am available on Wizpert for questions. I would say I am occasionally on-line because of my work. But give it a try and I’ll come back to you if you have a problem.

However this does not mean that I won’t answer any comments here or emails sent to me. That would be out of the question. So if you have anything to ask, just write me.

And something extra

I asked one of my questioners to take a screenshot of our conversation so I can show you the chat window how is it like to chat with me at Wizpert.

Chat with me at WizpertI blurred out the details of our chat and the personal information of my client there. So this is a nice version, give it a try.


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