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What do I do currently?

This article is about what am I doing currently and what my plans are for this blog in the (near) future.
I’d say it is worth to read this article although it does not contain any code or examples. However it contains topics for future articles and code examples…

To be honest, I am writing this article because I do not see any free time for other articles in the near future, but I want to give you an overview what takes my time — and maybe you find it interesting and join me in the outside world — not only through this blog.

So, let’s get started. As in most of the time is, I work on my daytime job which requires a full-man because of the planing problems and development-delays. I have to give what I’ve got to be a success. However if I have time I do some interesting things which can result in superb articles.
For example

  • developing a proof of concept with heroku, mongoDB and Spring-Boot (with a lot of interesting parts)
  • comparing Java collections (and not only Java internal)
  • performance testing methodologies
  • integration testing with Arquillian
  • some words about the Java Hotspot JIT compiler

And beside this themes I work on my new book which is again about website scraping however now in Python. And I plan to add an example application to it which demonstrates the functionality of the tools covered — and is not restricted for a client. After done, I plan to extend this application to Java and add it to my previous book. I guess this would be a good idea.

My Hungarian book about CDI is released however not complete. Who wants to read computer books in Hungarian anyway? If I have spare time, I’ll finish this book too.

And if this won’t be enough, I am working on my wp-edit application because it has some potential improvement points — at least for me:

  • html2text brakes paragraphs into multiple lines
  • categories and tags are currently not loaded from the blog
  • the “read more” tag gets lost when loading from the blog
  • validate categories when posting an article (currently if you include a typo a new category is added)
  • only load those drafts which are updated on the website but locally don’t
  • add schedule information for articles

So this is a bunch of todo for me currently. As I said previously, it can happen that I will have less time currently to create new articles but every project I am doing now leads to one or more future article.

For this I suggest you to pick one topic from above and tell me (perhaps in a comment) in which are you more interested. The topic with the most votes manifests itself as an article (or article series) as soon as possible.

Naturally if you do not like the topics above just write me what you want to read about and I will take it on my list and if more people are interested in it, then I will create an article sooner than later.

So I’ve created a poll where you can express yourself without creating a comment to this post.

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