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In the mean time in Hungary…

I reached over 100 articles in this blog — which is not as much as it could be because I started writing in January 2013.

However this was a very busy and productive time: beside my articles here I changed jobs, written almost three books and learned a lot.

Now I am having less time to write articles here — however I am co-authoring blogs to share my experience on other sites too. If I find the way I will reblog those articles here too — or if not I will just create a simple post containing the URL to that article.

And as you might think this means that I will stop the “one week — one article” posting here because of this schedule of mine. And in the mean time I will be on vacation too to enjoy the summer.

However I have some articles in my mind to write (currently around 30 are in draft or just having a title) so if I find time and the co-authoring stops for a while I will be back and cover beside Java topics some PHP, Ceylon and functional programming.

So I thank you for reading and do not forget to look at this site even in the next weeks because I will share URLs of other blogs where I’ve written some articles.

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