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Do not use Wizpert anymore

I know, I have been writing about Wizpert and how good it is, however times changed.

Naturally the features are the same than previously: you can chat and share your screen with on-line real-time help however the site is still in “beta”.

Well, this is what you see and if you look at the helpers you can see that their activity and amount is reduced. That is not because the “beta” status it is because the site maintenance is not working…

If you want help you have to spend some money to buy coins (the internal currency of the site). The first 3 minutes of chat are free and you have to pay 75 coins if you want to continue talking with the wizpert. That is fine.

If you ask for more help you should share some coins with the wizpert. This is OK too (from the 75 the wizpert gets nothing, that is just for the site). These coins can be exchanged by the wizpert to real money — with an exchange rate which maintains the site’s upkeep too (not only the 75 coins for the chat).

Now the problem is that the site does not pay out wizperts. I requested my money lately and haven’t received it yet. It is not a big sum but it is problematic. Although you get an email that you get your money in 3 business days. I am waiting since weeks.

I have written an email to the support address — without any response. Have written to Michael Weinberg the CEO but he doesn’t respond either. So that’s why I conclude that the site doesn’t work and you should not use it.

If you want an alternative, try codementor.io which is a fine alternative to wizpert. Here you have live sessions with experts — but the cost is a bit higher too.

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