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I am back

Well, holiday’s come to an end. Now it is time to get back into the weekly schedule and create new posts and give you news about what I am working on or just on new thoughts and methods I encountered.

To be honest with you I wanted to spend this summer to gather new knowledge about Java and Python development but actually I ended up playing Pokémon Go.

Yes, this game is addictive. Too addictive to let go. It uses gamification techniques very well that’s the great success of them… I am planning to write an article about this game too to share my insights on this.

However do not worry: you can expect articles coming. I was productive in this summer (you cannot play the whole day games if you have to work on a daily basis and are commuting to work). This means that I have some articles prepared and co-authored on some blogs too.

Articles are released continuously and I am sharing them with you here — week by week. Stay tuned!

And if you are impatient you can take a look at my video of Java Access Modifiers at YouTube.

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