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How can I afford being so cheap?

Someone asked me this question after looking at my various profiles at service providing websites (Fiverr for example).

Well, the answer is simple but I try to explain it here so everyone can see that my cheapness is not something bad.

If you look at my offers at various websites I create things for not much money — some would say that I am working for a handful of peanuts.


This might seem true if we look at where I live and how much money do you need for living here and how much time it takes to create a website scraper or to write a blog article with examples. One would think I deliver with flaws in my projects.

BUT this is not true. Who ordered my services knows that I deliver the best option they can imagine and I can create. And this for less money than other people.

On the other hand there are some folks living in Asia who work for less money than me. They do it for their living and that amount of money serves them very well because they would earn much less if they would work regularly at a factory or in an offie. Sometimes they deliver flawed products but sometimes they are good.

If we consider this other fact you can see that I have to keep my prices low in order to get contracts. And would you buy a simple website scraper for $100? This is calculated from my average time spent on developing a simple scraper with all the information required and my average cost I charge for my regular work. And this is just the lowest price, it can jump up to $1000 and beyond.

I bet you would start to look for a cheaper option somewhere on the internet too.

Consulting, mentoring

There are some websites which provide consulting and mentoring solutions (like CodeMentor). There I charge $15 for each 15 minutes. This is $1/minute. I consider this not a big price because it is a live 1:1 session where you can ask and I can show you the concepts.

This price is similar to my “normal” developing activity meaning you can see, that I am cheap only if you approach me on fiverr for example. And I do it cheap because I like coding. And by the way — most of my articles are based on my impressions while doing some coding for cheap money or I link here those articles too.


I cannot afford being cheap. I have to be cheap to have a chance to work on side projects too which I do not have in my regular working schedule but I have fun writing them.

And I like coding and writing. This is all you need to know to understand that sometimes cheap work is not worth less.



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