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100 days of code in 2017

I have encountered this article. It is about 100 consecutive days of coding in 2017. Now here my thoughts about it.

It is nice to have some new year resolutions improving coding. However as a full-time coder I see it a bit differently and won’t join the movement as it is, I will slightly modify the rules for myself to fit.

About the movement

As I mentioned in the introduction, I find it great to have a movement which focuses on 1 hour coding a day. This is really good for those who are learning — and in this industry you have to keep improving yourself every day.

The intention of Alexander Kallaway was to commit himself to improvement outside his work. And this idea is really great: without a commitment there is really low success rate. With publishing your progress you push yourself forward to keep on with your challenge because your friends and everyone in the world can see if you cheat and miss a day.

As I have seen today, there are 1599 forks of the base repository. I think soon we will reach 2000 but most people cannot commit to 1000 consecutive days — like me.

My approach

Because I am coding at least 8 hours every weekday so I don’t feel like coding 1 hour more every day  but most of the time I do. And it is out of the question to do this one hour in my current job. Nevertheless I will do my 100 days in 2017 but not consecutively.

Weekends are reserved for my family. Currently I am married without children so I have a bit more time: when my wife cooks and she does not need my help I do some coding. We visit her parents very often (mine live 2 houses away so it happens in every other day) and then there is no time for coding. So the 100 days would be broken.

I won’t fork the GitHub repository as it is because I use CodinGame to improve myself and I know that some people just don’t like to think about a solution but get the badges for levelling up. And with pushing my solutions to a repo some people will simply grab my code and use it. However I will keep updating my daily progress if I do anything that day because it will be my “programming diary” to visualise my progress.

If I do something else not based on CodinGame or I feel the urge to share my code, I will add it naturally to the repository. My current thoughts are about algorithm implementations in different programming languages like Java, Python, Swift, Rust and Elixir.

Day #0

I have forked the repository so you are able to follow my progress there. I do not promise to add an entry on my blog for every day I code.


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