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Advent of Code 2016

Through the 100 days of code Twitter Wall I have found the Advent of Code 2016. Now I am working on these tasks, leaving CodinGame a bit behind (but I return for some clashes).

I know, it is already 2017 and Advent of 2016 is over. But the exercises are still there and even though I won’t be listed in the leaderboard if I finish every task I am working on these puzzles.

The interesting things about these puzzles are that each one has two parts and they follow a story-line so you better off starting at the beginning and working through each day.

Now for every day the first part is available, the second will be only visible if you solve the first part. The input is the same for both parts but you have to refactor your code to solve the puzzle with the new rules — and this is something I like.

I thought about writing functions / other ways of keeping track of the differences between the puzzle parts but I decided that using git I can commit the first part, change the code and commit the second part. The history keeps the changes and the “evolution” of the code.

You can find my solutions in my GitHub repository. And as you can see, this was the second day of my 100 days of code in 2017. Naturally I did not solve every puzzle on one day, so you only see my solutions for today. But other days will include solutions for other puzzles. Naturally.

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