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I knew it right at the start…

I knew that I won’t keep my diary abour the 100 days of code challenge accurate. And this is what happens: no entries.

Nevertheless I did some coding in the last weeks, let me just wrap it up.


I played some rounds of Clash at CodinGame and “tweaked” on my Fantastic Bits AU. Although without much result: I can keep myself around the 140th place but this is not the good enough. As mentioned previously, I want to reach the top league.

And it gets really clear that I need to implement the simulation of the next rounds because my heuristics won’t lead me toward my goals.

My current idea is to calculate where a snaffle will land when my wizard approaches it: say it needs 3 turns with full speed to arrive at the snaffle’s current position but the snaffle is moving. In the end the wizard needs correction of the direction in every round to arrive at the snaffle. To avoid correction it would be nice to predict where it will be and tell the wizard to move into that direction.

Another improvement would be to use Flipendo only when in the next round the snaflle is not taken by a wizard. Sometimes I fire magic unnecessary because the snaffle misses the goal. To this calculating the next position is not enough: we have to calculate relocation of a snaffle if it enters a wizard’s radius.


I have spent some days with Cython programming. This is not something I do regularry (actually I never code Cython) but I thought it would be nice to leave my comfort-zone and do something unusual.


I rarely do Codewars because the languages don’t get updated (for example Python has version 3.4, Elixir 1.2). Nevertheless today I felt the urge to translate a Kata to Elixir.  This is a new experience, I am curious if my solution will be accepted and published.


I have taken this language off the shelves again and do some coding in Elixir. A very good change after so much procedural programming to use a functional language. There is always something to learn.


And finally I have finished the FreeCodeCamp Front End Development program and I have earned my certificate. It was a hard thing to get because, as mentioned in a previous article, many information is missing and you have to find out yourself what to do and how to achieve your goals. So I abandoned my last project for some months but this week I have felt the urge to give it another try and I finished it in some hours split among days.


Keeping a diary is hard for me and as mentioned at the beginning of this challenge: I will code 100 days in 2017 with some stops. So I am somewhere at day 16 and I can tell that I know some Cython and more Elixir than previously.

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