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Ghost in the Cell

Some weeks ago it was again CodinGame competition time. The assignment was called Ghost in the Cell and you can play the game here.

I want to share my insights with you and keep you up-to-date with my progress of Artifical Unintelligence.

First of all: I have reached a very bad place now: 648. That’s because I submitted some code where I thought I could reach a higher place but I failed 🙂 But if I look at the percentage of my result I’m in the top 19%, in the previous contest I was in the top 21% — and this is good. I am getting better (actually there are more competitors joining so I am not as good).

My goal was at this competition to get a T-shirt for the best in a programming language. Therefore, I started with Python then switched to Swift 2 because there weren’t many people coding in this language. But soon I got an adversary better than me, and I did not see any chance to provide a good enough solution to go on with. So I switched to Bash.

This was not a bad idea, but it was very difficult to come up with a good solution. My code timed out most of the time and I am not a good Bash coder — so I abandoned this language and switched back to Swift 2.

I planned to make my bot better to overcome my opponent and be the best of the language, but someone switched to Swift in the legend league too and there was no hope.


If there were option to a change, I would request CodinGame to disallow changing the programming language in a competition to be in for a T-shirt. It is not so encouraging having people switching the language in a higher league where they don’t fall off and so they can get a T even with a worse code.

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