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I cannot keep schedules

Well, this post is not about 100 days of code but this blog. As you have probably seen, last week the regular post did not appear — because there was no regular post. That’s because I cannot keep up the pace.

With the end of February, I quit my previous job to have a new one where I do not have my slack time, work on a project I do not like, I earn less money and have to travel more every day. And besides the main project, I have two smaller ones parallel.

This is the cause I do not write articles.

However, I have plans as always:

  • I am preparing a retrospective on my previous big project. But do not expect technical insights, I will approach it on a higher level.
  • I am working on my ebook converter to be more flexible to use. Currently, it’s bound to Learn Python the Hard Way but I see the potential for other usages.
  • I will take a look at the REST API of WordPress to see if it is capable of accepting offline articles. If yes, I’ll update wpedit.
  • I am preparing some courses (first off-line, later perhaps on-line too):
    • Microservices for Managers (a high-level approach to learning everything about this topic without going into technical depths, through my current company)
    • Test automation (again very high-level but with some tools to help you decide what path to choose, through my current company too)
    • Agent-based development with Elixir
    • Testing Microservices
  • I looked at Kotlin at the Google I/O and I think the language is like Java on some high-speed drugs. Definitely worth looking at it and learn some new. For this, I’ll prepare a project where I will mix Java and Kotlin code for greater good.

As you can see, I have a lot of plans currently. If you are interested in any of the courses mentioned above just send me a message and I’ll come back to you with a price and options how to deliver the content.

This all means: stay tuned because I’ll prepare a lot of new stuff. But it takes quite some time.

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