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Recently I won 6 months of “all you can eat” DailyDrip. Now it is time to learn and share what I learned.

In this article I’ll give a brief introduction to the site and what you can learn.

I follow DailyDrip since August 2016, but I was always too cheap to opt-in for a paid course because I know that I cannot keep schedules, do multiple things in parallel and that online courses can get out of my hands.

I was mainly interested in the Elm drips because I think that language is something to look at — even if I don’t consider myself as a front-end developer.

Now that I have access to all content I will deepen my Elixir knowledge at the beginning and then look at Elm in greater detail. Besides these two topics you can learn the following:

  • HTML + CSS
  • Ember
  • Swift
  • React Native
  • R
  • Emacs
  • Eve
  • Sidekiq
  • Rails
  • Electron

And they are adding more topics based on user requirements and votings. Sometimes items go under a programming language but give deeper knowledge in a particular subject, but sometimes it is a new language/framework itself.

Why Drips?

I have no insider information why the entries are called drips but I think it’s because of their size: they are little bits of information what you can read quickly and apply through some basic examples. And if you learn continually you will make it rain.

OK, I visited the website, and yes, drips are small, 5-minute reads (or videos), and you get 5 drips a week. And I bet you have 25 minutes a week to stay up-to-date with new technologies.

My progress

I will write about my progress here. Perhaps I won’t cover everything I learn because that would be no good for DailyDrip but I will share learnings and knowledge to let you see how good this platform can be and how fast (or slow) it can be to get a thorough understanding of new programming languages.

My goals

Without any goals, these 6 months could be wasted, and I have spent so much time and courses that I have to change my attitude toward e-learning.

Therefore, I define the following goals for myself what I want to achieve:

  • Learn Elm and create something fancy using it (or something not-so fancy but valuable)
  • Master Elixir (I know the language, the underlying constructs, I do a lot of coding exercises but this is not the real power of Elixir and Erlang: I want to understand and apply Processes and messaging. I want to utilize the power of BEAM!)
  • Learn Phoenix (Enterprise development is something you cannot ignore, and Phoenix is the Elixir version of JEE or Rails.)

As I mentioned earlier, I will write my progress report here, and you will see some fancy applications I created with the knowledge I learned from DailyDrip!

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