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Some time ago I saw an advertisement on the internet (I guess it was on Youtube before some music video or Adam Bien tutorial) about Grammarly.

Because I am not a native English speaker I thought it will be useful for my writings and I gave it a try.

I use the browser-extension most of the time, but I tried the app too (for my Mac). And there is an extension for Windows where you can include the checking into MS Office. Although MS Office comes with an excellent spell checking, I think Grammarly’s capability to find plagiarism gives an extra reason to add it to your editor.

Grammarly comes in two flavors: basic (free) and advanced (paid) features.


I started with the free version to see what I can get. I had to learn that my grammar is abysmal (my pronunciation is worse, this is why I do not record many videos), so I get tips on how to improve my writing: missing commas, too many commas, wrong tense and so on.

This gives an essential correctness to my writings.


I have sold my soul and purchased one year of the advanced features. I hope I can deliver more correct content here and in my books.

One of the interesting extensions you get when you pay for the service is plagiarism check. It is not enabled per default but it takes only a click, and you get it. For this article, I already got a warning that my 9 starting words are taken from somewhere else. And this is a bit sad in my eyes because nine words (currently around 4 percent of the whole text) is nothing. Plagiarism should start at a bigger level for small documents. Naturally, it is a great feature if you write technical blogs and you see that the text you are writing is used somewhere else. The fascinating thing is when I edit my books: I get a lot of plagiarism because some parts are published as articles over the internet. Even though I have written them it is recognized and mentioned that I should either rewrite the paragraph or reference it appropriately.


I like Grammarly, it gives me some confidence in my writing and helps to eliminate errors which would result in a bad user-experience while reading. My only negative feeling is that I need an internet connection which makes me re-check my writing if I commute to work and review the texts at home.

If I can suggest an improvement: add markdown support for the app. I write my books with markdown, and I find it a pity that I cannot open the files in the app to have a good review, but I have to change their file endings to txt.

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