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New design, new problems

Thinking hard

Again a change in the life of this blog. I decided to move away from the hahamo URL and use my domain because I own one.

I know, the design is currently horrible, but I do my best to get it better, even though I am not a designer.

With this new layout and new domain, new problems arose. I use now a custom installed WordPress, not the general WP.com. This means some features are different: commenting, logging in, and source code plugin.

I have not a significant amount of posts, a few over 200. But the code examples need a polish. I think the best way would be to create a simple script which tidies the codes but first of all, I have to find a suitable plugin which works with this version of WP, and it offers excellent syntax highlighting.


I have to set priorities because doing a bit of this and a bit of that won’t lead to success. My primary focus is on creating content at a weekly schedule. I try to come back to my previous self, where I’ve had a post ready every Tuesday. It is not impossible to keep up this pace, but I have to focus on it.

My second priority is the layout. A good design gives everyone a superb reading experience. The current style needs a lot of customization, and I am still learning the theme’s options. And again, it will take time.

My third priority is fixing the old posts. This means I’ll have to navigate through all the blog and read all my posts to see where are layout issues after the migration. The most problematic parts will be the source code examples. It is currently really awful, and I am trying different plugins to find one which fits best.


To show your support, you can do many things: some require you to spend a little money, others are free. Honestly, it doesn’t matter which one you choose.

You can see in the right sidebar where you can find me.

Follow me on Twitter. This is free, and you can keep yourself informed what I’m doing. Most of the time I only share my new blog posts, but I share tweets I like from other people I prefer to follow. Besides following me, you can get in touch and write me some messages too.

Follow me on Patreon. This option requires you a monthly fee of $1. This is not much, it’s cheaper than coffee, but you can show me your support. I’ll share here what I am up to currently, what are my plans to share my knowledge or expand my reader-base. And of course, you can keep in touch with me and send me messages.

Upwork is a bit complicated. It is not really a support site, but you can hire me for small projects. I use the money I earn here, to finance this blog. What can such a blog cost? Well, this all depends on your needs. I invested a bit money, and I have to continue investing in the future. I pay for following expenses for now:

  • my custom domain: hajba.hu
  • the storage behind this blog
  • the blog’s theme (yes, it is not free, and I get some helpful tools too)
  • redirect from the old URL (WordPress.com charges some yearly fee to redirect to this new address)
  • Grammarly

The whole cost is around $400 a year. This is not cheap for one person, but you can donate a little amount (just like $1 once, or monthly) and it helps me to keep this blog alive and fill it with useful content.

For supporters

If you decide to support me, you will be listed on my blog as a supporter on a separate page. This page is not available currently, but I am working on it. The priority of this is low. But if fans show up, I will shift and reorder priorities and create the supporter page.

As a big supporter, you can request topics I shall write about, talk with me, schedule a live coding session and so on. Alternatively, you can buy some space on my blog to display your advertisement.


I try to avoid displaying advertisements on my blog, but as you can see above, I have costs for maintaining this blog. And one good source of compensation is advertising.

I already mentioned in the section above, that some supporters can buy some space and I display their advertisements. I set the limit of such ads to 3. It is not much, but I don’t want ads to spread like an infection.

Alternatively, there are useful online resources, where I can opt-in and get ads displayed. This is a good solution too but perhaps the most annoying one.

But rest assured, I am not planning to do this in the next few months — you know, priorities.


Feel free to leave me feedback about the site, the content, the layout, the colors, everything. But bear in mind, that you should give constructive feedback which pushes me further on my way to deliver better content.

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