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Red Hat Forum Österreich 2017

On the 24th October 2017, the Red Hat Forum Austria took place in Vienna. This is my review of this whole-day conference/forum.

The event was free of charge. This was only possible because of the sponsors. I won’t mention them because it is not my task and I am not obliged mentioning them 🙂

By the way, the talks were mostly in German. So if you are interested and want to visit a Red Hat Forum next year, search for one who speaks English if you are not so good with German.


The event took place in the Trend Hotel Austria Savoyen. Even though I didn’t see much of the hotel itself, just the lobby and some conference rooms, it looks quite appealing.

Even though we were many attendees (I have no actual numbers), we had space at least to sit. The halls were a bit crowded in the pauses, but this is normal.

The catering was superb. Coffee was refilled regularly, lunch was great for every taste, and you had snacks too to eat.

I hope, next year’s location will be at least this good (place, space, catering). An excellent location and great catering is a half-win already.


Most of the talks were about Red Hat products, mostly focusing on OpenShift and Cloudbase. But this is OK because it was a Red Hat meeting and if you don’t talk about your solutions at an event which is 100% free for attendees, then you do something wrong.

But there were many case studies from companies using Red Hat products — again mostly OpenShift. But this is OK, and I like this type of talks. Why? Because it is not marketing (a bit yes), the primary focus is on the product and how well or bad you can apply it to your product/company. Case studies which tell about inconvenient parts are even better because you get away from the whole marketing-talk.

Undoubtedly, some talks were boring. I guess my talks wouldn’t be funny either when I would start talking to so many people. And many talks were for business people too, and they are not interesting for developers.

I am a bit unfortunate because I’m not working with Red Hat tools in a way I could talk about them. I work as a consultant, and I deliver ideas and software — mostly in a defined environment of tools and servers.


The sponsors have had booths in the hall between the conference rooms, just like at any regular conference I attended to yet. However, there wasn’t much time to do networking, talk to the sponsors, mainly because of the short coffee breaks.

If you are a smoker, you don’t get much time to move around, talk to people (sponsors, speakers) and get swag. I admit honestly; I am in for swags. I love to get tees, pens, note blocks; stickers not so much but sometimes I love them too. Every time I go home after a conference my wife tells me I shouldn’t bring home so much garbage. Even though I promise her that I won’t, I cannot resist. My wardrobe consists mostly of swag t-shirts.

Anyway, the time was short. In the lunch-break, I could have talked to some of the sponsors, but many booths were empty because they were eating too. And skipping talks was not an option because each was interesting. I think there is some way to improve — but it’s still better than the no-pause-between-sessions-so-you-do-not-have-time-to-change-rooms-between-talks at WeAreDevelopers in 2017.


The Red Hat Forum Austria was a great event. I’ve learned a lot of things about the tools Red Hat provides and that they work in enterprise projects. Open source matters and it at least as good as proprietary products.

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