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Because Self-Publishing Works: Everything I Learned About How to Market a Book (Volume 2)

I’ve had the opportunity to read and review the book Because Self-Publishing Works: Everything I Learned About How to Market a Book (Volume 2) by V.V. Cam. She gave me a copy and asked for an honest review.

This book contains a lot of information on marketing your book if you do publishing an indie way (perhaps following the guidance of Because Self-Publishing Works: Everything I Learned About How to Publish a Book (Volume 1)). And this information is useful.

I am an aspiring indie writer too, however, in the non-fiction, tech industry. I never invested in marketing strategy because a) I’m lazy and b) didn’t reserve the time to do my marketing. And this represents in my sales. Fortunately, I don’t write for a living, but with this guide in my pocket, I have the inspiration to create my marketing strategy and try out what I’ve learned in 2018.

Every topic has a list of online resources, if applicable: websites which can host your author homepage, host giveaways, have a lot of reviewers and so on. I learned a lot of new websites which I can visit to be a reviewer or use for marketing my books in the future.

Besides the useful content, you get a lot of downloadable items, like checklists, questions to ask yourself to direct your strategy and other online resources.

One example

If you plan to sell a book, be sure to add your book to Goodreads. I go a step further: you should be the first to add your book to Goodreads!

Why? Because if you don’t do this, the first reader adds your book who may leave details out, forget to add the cover, and so on. And this is a pain for other readers. Some identify your book by its cover – and by because of the cover. If your book doesn’t have a cover, it is unlikely to grab attention on Goodreads.

However, if you add your book to Goodreads, long before the publication date, you are in control. You can change ISBN number, page count, cover (if you end up with a different one after some reviews). Sure, this is more work for you, but you have to see the benefits at the end.

Grab a copy

You can grab yourself a copy and support the author. And if you plan to create some content and publish it without any agency, then you can learn a lot out of this book.

The author didn’t ask me to sell her book – it’s my own suggestion that you should support the author and buy this book. It’s worth a lot if you apply the techniques thoroughly and your content sells.

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