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Crystal on Windows

In my introductory article, I’ve mentioned that there’s no support yet for Crystal. Although there are different options to get the language running.

Online runtime

If you want to try the language and compile and execute quick code, you can use the online runtime environment. There, you can type in your code (or copy-paste examples you find interesting) and execute them.

The performance is good — but this depends mostly on your network throughput too.

Installation on Windows

If you look at the documentation, you’ll find a solution for how you can get Crystal running on Windows: you need Ubuntu what can be installed on Windows 10 as an application.

After that, you can follow the instructions available for Ubuntu. After that, you just have to move to your project’s folder to compile and run your code.

Honestly, I am looking forward the native Windows support because in Austria, many companies have their developers use a Windows computer but the end software is running on some Unix.


There’s IDE support for Crystal. Depending on what you prefer, there’s an add-on for every tool. I am using JetBrains environments for my private stuff — and there’s a plug-in for their IDEs too — but unfortunately, not compatible with the currently available version. Those plug-in developers need some support, I guess. Maybe it’s only the release cycle of JetBrain’s IDEs — and the plug-in would be compatible but needs a new version built.

Perhaps it’s just a delay because of the Scry 0.25 integration which takes too much time?

Unfortunately, the last change happened 6 months ago. Sometimes this is the biggest problem with open source software: the maintainer has no time to continue his/her initial work and cannot merge pull requests.


You can have Crystal on Windows but not yet 100% compatible. Time will show. Until that, you have workarounds which give you the opportunity to play with Crystal on your Windows — but remember: you can compile the sources on your target environment!

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