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Nick Tune and coding habits

This week I had the time to read a lot and to follow-up my workshop learnings from the CraftConf  — at least for the first one. This was Nick Tune’s Advanced DDD workshop. DDD is one a big thing, I won’t cover it in this article because Eric Evans, Vaugh Vernon and Scott Millett with […]

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Some time ago I saw an advertisement on the internet (I guess it was on Youtube before some music video or Adam Bien tutorial) about Grammarly. Because I am not a native English speaker I thought it will be useful for my writings and I gave it a try.

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Day Against DRM 2017

This year it happens again: the International Day Against DRM is here! To celebrate this, I offer at least a 50% discount on all my eBooks published at LeanPub until the 11th of August 2017: Website Scraping with Python Python 3 in Anger XML Processing and Website Scraping with Java CDI The links above lead you to the […]

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Craft Conference 2017

This year I have been attending the Craft Conference in Budapest. It was again a great event: with its ups and downs as everything. I’d like, if I may, tell you my experience, my story and my key takeaways from these 4 days.

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