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Is CodeSchool worth the money?

In this article I will take a look at CodeSchool: how they teach, what you can learn and is it a good investment for you to sign up for CodeSchool? I have no relation with the developers and the instructors at CodeSchool so this article contains only my opinion and my experience. I have a […]

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Flattr — another way to support creators

I have written about Gratipay, a supporting platform for creators with a flavour of long-time crowd-funding. Today let me introduce Flattr, which is almost the same as Gratipay: you can support creators (developers, musicians, other artists) you like out of your monthly budget. So this is a bit a way around than Gratipay.

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Test post with Ecto

After a look at Quamana editor I’ll take a look at a commercial with some trial days for creating and editing articles offline for my blog. Today my review takes Ecto.

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