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Introduction to Spring and Hibernate — Part 2

After the first article the second is out now. In this article I convert the first example to a self-contained and runnable Spring Boot application with a RESTful endpoint. This is a first step to extend this application to have a UI — with AngularJS for example. You can find the article here: http://www.codewithc.com/converting-the-sample-application-to-spring-boot/ Enjoy […]

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Introduction to Spring and Hibernate

Another site where I do some co-authoring is Code with C (C stands for Computer and not the language). Here I have written a tutorial about Spring and Hibernate (I would call it some variation of my Variations project) and I am very fond of it. You can read the first article here: http://www.codewithc.com/introduction-to-spring-and-hibernate-with-sample-code/ Enjoy […]

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