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Test post with e-mail

So, another offline editing tool I try: email. And to be honest: Quamana is not as good as it seemed: I have a couple of draft posts available however it loads only until the “more” tag — so it is unusable. As I go along in offline mode I struggle. With Mac you only have […]

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XML Processing Advanced

As mentioned in an earlier article I’ve written an XML extractor from a SOAP-Response XML to represent the data with iText as a PDF. The XML-Extractor was big, bogus and obtrusive. Lately I’ve got to know XMLBeam which does the same thing I’ve created — but it is more lightweight and reusable. So I switched […]

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Handy Cygwin Shortcut — clear the screen

If you ever wondered how can you clear your screen fast in Cygwin (under Windows) for example to hide from your boss what you are doing at your working hours (playing with your pet-project instead of your tasks) here is the solution: Install the ncurses package and then you can execute tput clear. This gives […]

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XML Processing and the GAE

The problem with some articles are that I get the idea of them as I work on a specific topic however I end up writing the article itself weeks or months later. This article has the same issue: I thought about it at the middle of may and now I’ve forgotten why I wanted the […]

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