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Simplex algorithm

After finishing with the Discrete Optimization course I started to get to know the Simplex algorithm for solving linear programs. And if you learn an algorithm the best is if you try it out and do some coding (well implement the algorithm itself). “Und I did.” [1]

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An alternative for jsFiddle is Plunker, where you can create code and then run it. Alternatively you can browse between the codes (called Plunks) added by other users. The difference to jsFiddle is here you can generate pre-defined workspaces/environments for your development and you have a file structure where you can add additional files and link […]

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OK, recently I ran over this site, and I have to tell it is really great. You have a lot of current JavaScript libraries included and you can try them out without a web server running and write-deploy-run/test cycle. And naturally you can share the code among your “followers”, they can edit and fork (reuse) […]

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Liquibase change sets

As told before, we’ll take a closer look at Liquibase, and create the database with this tool. The documentation at the website is very good, they have a lot of tutorials for all needs, so I’ll give you only a short introduction how to convert the showed SQL script to Liquibase, how to run the […]

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