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Dropbox utilities

New job — less time for my variations project. However I have other interesting topics on my mind which I’ll share with you. This will be a post on the Dropbox API which I used to create a simple application to undelete files in your Dropbox folder. And I developed with Python and with Java. […]

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Simplex algorithm

After finishing with the Discrete Optimization course I started to get to know the Simplex algorithm for solving linear programs. And if you learn an algorithm the best is if you try it out and do some coding (well implement the algorithm itself). “Und I did.” [1]

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Validating XML against XSD

Recently I got a question from one of our customers: how do we validate XMLs against their XSD definition? Because we offer an XML based interface to our system, where the customers have to provide the XML data which we read into the system — and naturally we give an Exception if the provided XML […]

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So, as I mentioned before I’ll list some portions of Python code here, eventually describing the differences between earlier (2.7 and before) and newer (3 and above) versions of Pythons, have some GUI examples and such kind of work. To not jump right into deep water I prepared a simple game “Guess the Number” in […]

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First steps in Python

“Gosh we’re all really impressed down here, I can tell you.” So this should be my first steps on the ground of Python. I will not introduce how the language was created, and what are the usages behind quotes from Monty Python and so. There are many lectures outside in the internet about this topic.

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