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If you’d like to support me and my work here on this blog, you could buy one of my books at LeanPub, or you can buy me a book from my Amazon wish list.

My books are as cheap as possible according to the amount of information in it. That is because I write books because I like to share my knowledge and would support myself a bit from it — however, I do not like expensive books. That’s why I’ve chosen LeanPub because they seem to make this possible with their infrastructure and pricing policy: I set a minimum price for a book. However, you can support me by paying a more significant amount for a book.

You can choose between:

XML processing and website scraping in Java is a book from some of my posts from this blog with some added value: I created better performance measurement and narrowed down the time differences to the core of XMLBeam and JSoup. And I made the whole application faster with Java 8 and parallelism.

Website scraping with Python was released under the caring wings of Apress. This is my first real publication which was edited, spell-checked thoroughly and someone read through it and pointed me to clarify parts where I thought it is obvious — but it was just for me.

CDI is in Hungarian and is about the Contexts and dependency injection in the Java EE 7 architecture — and how you can use it in an SE environment too.

Python 3 in Anger is a Python 3.6 tutorial. It starts from the beginning and works itself (and the reader) through the development of Python 3.6. It has a lot of exercises and examples where the solutions explain themselves.