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Ghost in the Cell

Some weeks ago it was again CodinGame competition time. The assignment was called Ghost in the Cell and you can play the game here. I want to share my insights with you and keep you up-to-date with my progress of Artifical Unintelligence.

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Day 4: Fantastic Bits

I have started day 4 of 100 days of code with a CodinGame code clash and there a user (namely twilk) mentioned, that I am at the top of the silver league. I thought it would be a good thing to leave the Mars Lander for a day and moving up to the gold league.

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Day 3: Mars Lander and a bit of AoC

Day 3 of my 100 days of code in 2017 was spent on the Mars Lander problem at CodinGame. And I am not finished because geometry and distances / speed is not my strength but I have written a basic steering algorithm to start. Code is not public because it is not working currently and […]

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Calculating the Erdős Number

One of the community challenges of CodinGame is to calculate the Erdős Number: The Erdős number describes the minimum “collaborative distance” between the scientist Paul Erdős and another person, as measured by co-authored publications. The Hungarian mathematician is the most prolific author of his field since he wrote more than 1500 papers in his lifetime. […]

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100 days of code in 2017

I have encountered this article. It is about 100 consecutive days of coding in 2017. Now here my thoughts about it. It is nice to have some new year resolutions improving coding. However as a full-time coder I see it a bit differently and won’t join the movement as it is, I will slightly modify […]

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