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It is too hot…

Although I am on holiday from writing blog posts I am commuting every day to work and the air conditioning on the trains is sometimes not working. That’s why I have a “heat stroke” and give 70% discount of my books Python 3 in Anger and Website Scraping with Python in the whole month of August. […]

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April’s fool book offer

Because it is April, I started a coupon-month to give away my books on LeanPub for less money than the normal price. The URLs of the books already contain the coupons so if you click on them you will be redirected to the right page and can buy the book cheaper. I would not wait […]

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Support me — buy my books

Because Gratipay is not always an option (long-time funding and the amount should be transferred each week) I thought about an alternative solution for individual readers to eventually support me. So I joined LeanPub and created some books. So you can go and buy one of my books here. The books are not expensive and […]

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