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Configuration with Spring

As a little milestone in the “Variations” project I’ll introduce Spring as a configuration and dependency injection framework, inversion of control container and so on — after the big part Liquibase. I will not give a full stack introduction to Spring. I suggest you to read a book in this topic, there are many good introductory […]

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Setting up Travis CI

For integrated testing  I set up a Travis CI account to have a continuous integration tool for my Variations project — because sometimes a local build yields other results than a build on committed sources. Mostly if you forget to commit something or you use a dependency which is not properly configured in maven or gradle. And […]

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Simplex algorithm

After finishing with the Discrete Optimization course I started to get to know the Simplex algorithm for solving linear programs. And if you learn an algorithm the best is if you try it out and do some coding (well implement the algorithm itself). “Und I did.” [1]

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