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Python’s lists

We already know that a list can be written as comma-separated values between square brackets and the elements don’t have to be from the same type. Naturally this latter can cause some confusion and errors if you tend to forget about this feature. This article is an excerpt of my book Python 3 in Anger. […]

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An introduction to Python

In this article I will give you an introduction to Python 3. This will be the first article of a series about Python with the intention to give you a tutorial where you can start learning Python and have hands-on examples to ease your learning efforts. This article is an excerpt of my book Python […]

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So, as I mentioned before I’ll list some portions of Python code here, eventually describing the differences between earlier (2.7 and before) and newer (3 and above) versions of Pythons, have some GUI examples and such kind of work. To not jump right into deep water I prepared a simple game “Guess the Number” in […]

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First steps in Python

“Gosh we’re all really impressed down here, I can tell you.” So this should be my first steps on the ground of Python. I will not introduce how the language was created, and what are the usages behind quotes from Monty Python and so. There are many lectures outside in the internet about this topic.

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