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Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

Now we arrived at object-oriented programming. This has (had) its hype where every language was designed around objects and Python developer Guido van Rossum thought “Why not?” and added classes to support object-oriented development. Some python evangelists think this was a bad decision, some think it was a good approach… This article is an excerpt […]

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Guess the number — The return

We have seen this example previously. There I included a lot of loops to handle user input and the main logic… Now it is time to refactor the application to use functions. This should make the code readable and we could re-use parts later. One of those re-usable parts is the number reading. We have […]

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Now we have learned the basics of Python programming: variables, collections and loops. If you have followed the examples and the tutorial you might feel that sometimes we use too much code and it can be leveraged a bit. But maybe you do not know how to do it. This article is an excerpt of […]

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Loops allow to loop through the program code and repeat blocks of code until a given condition is fulfilled or not fulfilled. The code which is repeated is called the loop’s body. This article is an excerpt of my book Python 3 in Anger. For a more detailed version take a look at the book.

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Decision making with conditionals

After this vast amount of introductory articles with the basic types of variables in Python 3 it is time to go on and introduce conditional operators which help us create an application flow based on different conditions at runtime. This article is an excerpt of my book Python 3 in Anger. For a more detailed version […]

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