This page has the intent to tell you what I am up-to currently or plan to do with this blog. It is a roadmap for me and you, to see if you should visit regularly every week or just once a year.

I am working on…

Currently, I am working on a book with Apress. It will be released in 2018 (I hope so). It is on website scraping with Python, actually, it is a new, updated and rewritten version of my old LeanPub book. This book consumed a lot of my free time and that’s why I didn’t spend much time creating articles here.

I’ll work on a bit later…

Coming back to a weekly schedule with articles. Recently, I encountered Crystal and started working with it. It is an amazing language which combines all the things I love about other languages (Java, Python, Elixir, Groovy). Now, I plan to create articles of my journey with this new language.

And I didn’t forget: I want to write a review on the Craft Conference 2018. It is a bit overdue, but it will have value if you consider visiting the conference in 2019.

Future plans…

Later plans include updating my Java website scraping book. There has been some improvement in the last years in this topic too and there’s much I have to share with you.

I will continue my Python book too. Some new versions have been already released so it is time to continue where I left off — and I’ve got a new tablet where I can draw pictures to make things more understandable and visualize my thoughts. This is all for good.

Not related to programming, but I plan to start a new series on Medium where I review free ebooks.